La conception au service de la valorisation

Sugar cane introduction

The experience of Maguin-Interis was developed at the beginning of 2000 in South Asia sugar mills for the production of Extra Neutral Alcohol from sugar molasses. The units, highly automated, use the "vegetable" vapours from the sugar mills. Extra Neutral Alcohols are produced with a remarkable chemical and organoleptic quality, which compete with the best qualities on the market.

The success of Maguin-Interis technology is recognized on the Southeast Asia market, with 4 "turnkey" Bioethanol units commissioned in 4 years. Maguin-Interis processes allow the treatment of various raw materials coming from sugar cane, such as cane juice, cane molasses or syrup and HTM (High Test Molasses). These processes are applicable also to sweet sorghum.

All the proposed units are integrated into a global concept for the plant, with an optimization of energy and fermentative yield.

Fermentation is designed to obtain a mash with high alcoholic content which results in a significant reduction in vapour consumption during distillation.

Distillation is with a low-temperature "under vacuum" process to ensure the column operates without the need for cleaning stops.