La conception au service de la valorisation


Beet washing is as critical as diffusion or crystallisation for the sugar factory as it prepares the beets for the next stages and consequently affects all further steps. Maguin has found the optimum between efficient washing, minimized sugar losses, minimized power consumption, reduced maintenance while adding value to by-products, with:

  • drum pre- washers and drum washers
  • rotary drum stone catchers
  • fork type weed catchers
  • screen belt weed catchers
  • floating object catchers
  • drum type final washers
  • washing water screens
  • by-product handling devices (chips recovery, trash treatment)

Older technologies such as paddle washers, vertical bucket stone catchers, roller washing tables are available too.

Maguin benefits from a wide and unequalled experience in nearly all beet-producing countries in the world (Europe, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Chile, Egypt, Morocco…)