La conception au service de la valorisation

Weed catcher

After passing through a Maguin drum washer, the different substances present with beets are free and clean. Besides stone catching described previously, efficient weed removal must be carried out.

Maguin offers 2 technologies for that purpose : the conventional fork weed catcher and the trash extracting belt .

The fork weed catcher suits low quantities of long weeds.

In case there is a large quantity of small weeds or numerous floating objects are present with the beets, the trash extracting belt must be considered.

The trash extracting belt is described in the drawing : it is a very wide and compact belt which filters the beet transport water. The beets first fall into a tank and are extracted by a screw. An adjustable circulating water flow causes the transfer of floating weeds, beet tails, small pieces of beets to the belt which catches them.

At the end of the trash extracting belt a series of separating devices enables a selective recovery of weeds and beet tails, and separates from them any floating objects (wood, plastics, damaged beets…)

Different sizes of fork weed catchers and trash belt type extractors are available according to the beet output.